Guest House «Kedrovy»


Guest House «Kedrovy»The modern world is very dynamic, full of temptations and discoveries. Living in a perpetual race and struggle for survival, we often forget to take care of ourselves, our health and spiritual harmony.

Since ancient times a man was a single whole with nature. It provided him not only with food and night’s lodging, but gave energy, cured diseases, allowed to stay alone with oneself.

A great way to recover health and strength after tiring working days is a holiday in the bosom of nature. Modern service industry will allow you to choose the right holiday exactly for you by parameters of price, location, range of entertainments and etc.

Khakassia - is a wonderful Siberian region, known for its unique nature, rich in flora and fauna. It’s a place with virgin nature, where outlying regions have not been reached by traces of civilization.

Here you can meet the settlements of Old Believers who had left already in the old tsarist days father away from civilization and lived separately from the world, being totally unaware of the Great Patriotic War!

Guest House «Kedrovy» invites you to have a rest and spend unforgettable moments of your life in this beautiful region! «Kedrovy» is located straight in the forestland, near rivers, hunting grounds and lakes.

For accommodation you are provided with comfortable rooms in the house built of ecologically clean cedar, which keeps cool during summer hot weather, and warmth - in winter severe cold.

What is a holiday without entertainments? «Kedrovy» offers you a range of services including organization of excursion tours to local sights, walks in taiga, tours for hunters and fishers. Depending on the season, each camper will be able to choose a fascinating pastime!

Having rested in «Kedrovy» only once, you would be overwhelmed with beauty and greatness of Russian nature forever, and would like to return here again and again.... And we will be glad to make your holiday valuable and unforgettable!