FishingHave you ever thought why there are more and more lovers to rest with a fishing rod each year? The answer is simple: it’s a great opportunity to spend a nice time with friends and enjoy superior views of nature!

Truly a heaven place is the republic of Khakassia. This region is known not only by various minerals, but also unique amenities of nature and marvelous landscapes.

In Khakassia there are more than 320 large and small rivers (Abakan, Yenisei), about 1000 lakes (Marankul, Lyubimoe), 26 storage ponds, so it is a favorite place for fishermen.

In the local lakes and rivers about 35 species of fish are found, including grayling, lenok, taimen, burbot known among gourmets by their excellent taste.

You will be able to enjoy in full the pleasures of fishing and not to worry about accommodation staying in the guest house «Kedrovy»! The territory of the guest house is situated on the bank of the river Abakan, from where you can get to Maly Abakan and river Ona, where there are many «fish» places.

Fine catch and excellent mood to you is guaranteed! Come to have a rest in «Kedrovy»!

Taiga tours

Taiga toursKhakassia is famous all over the country for its immense forests, occupying almost the entire territory of the republic. For the most part, they are mountain forests, represented by softwood: cedar, fir, larch, pine, spruce. There are also larch forests.

In taiga areas of Khakassia many wild animals live, both preying and herbivorous animals. Among the most common are: bear, hare, fox, maral, Siberian roe and snow leopard.

The vegetation of taiga is very diverse since Khakassia is located in several climatic zones.

Guest House «Kedrovy» invites you to a fascinating tour of local taiga places! You will get acquainted with colorful nature of taiga of Khakassia region, rest in silence from city fuss in silence, broken only by birds singing and small mountain rivers gurgling...


BoatingFor all interested persons guest house «Kedrovy» provides trips on boats and wave runners.
Having rented a boat, you can enjoy sailing on the river Abakan, located near the territory of the complex with possibility of organizing a trip to Hot Spring.
For more information about the cost of service please contact us by phone numbers 8-983-195-37-45.

Trips to lakes «Lyubimoe», Maran Cool

Trips to lakes «Lyubimoe», Maran CoolLyubimoe is a lake located in the south of Siberia, on the territory of amazing mountain country Sayany known for its unique nature.

Marankul is a lake with crystal clear water, in which the water temperature does not exceed 16 degrees. It is located at the top of the mountain ridge separating Siberia from Tuva.

Near the lakes fir taiga is stretching out, where a great number of popular medicinal plants grow: rhododendron, red deer, golden root, Kurilskiy tea and edelweiss. In the lake several varieties of fish are found, the most common are grayling and peled.

«Kedrovy» organizes sightseeing tours to the lakes Marankul and Lyubimoe for all persons interested. You would remember and love forever these surprising and striking by their beauty forests, plants and pure, incomparable air of this place!

For more information about the cost of trips, routes and timing you may contact us by phones: 8-983-195-37-45.

Excursions to Sotyi pereval

Excursions to Sotyi perevalSotyi pereval (Sayan Pass) is located at the 325th km of the route A161 Abakan - Ak-Dovurak. Here passes the boundary between republic Khakassia and republic Tuva.

The pass is very popular among tourists. During the tour you can see the changing of several natural zones from the forest-tundra to alpine meadows.

Guest house organizes excursions to «Sotyi Pereval» for all comers. Information about the cost of the tour, number of people in the group and other details you may get by contact phone numbers: 8-983-195-37-45.


HuntingIn ancient times hunting was considered the main way of getting food. A man, as a head of a family, was obliged to go hunting to get game and feed his family.

Today, hunting is a popular hobby that brings together people of different ages, social groups and nationalities. Excitement, pursuit, crafty traps and joy of triumph in the form of procured trophy ... real men will understand
what this mean!

Guest House «Kedrovy» opens the doors for those who appreciate outdoor recreation, who can not imagine themselves without hunting!

«Kedrovy» is located on the territory of forestland, not far from hunting grounds, where bear, hare, fox, deer, roe deer and many animals are found depending on the season.

For more information on the organization of hunting tours, necessary licenses, as well as cost of guide services please contact us by phones: 8-983-195-37-45.

Bath with swimming in the river

Bath with swimming in the riverPerhaps there is no a man in Russia and especially in cold Siberia who does not love bath! Bath has long ago become not just a way to improve one’s health, but also a great gathering place for family and friends. And how nice is after hot bath procedures to plunge into cool water of pure river!

Especially bath is useful for those who are engaged in sedentary work, as during bath treatment lack of movement is well compensated; such factors as strength, endurance and coordination of movements are

Guest House «Kedrovy» appreciates native Russian traditions and offers his guests an opportunity to take a steam bath and after it to swim in the river, which flows near the territory of the complex.